Charlottesville: The Boil Exposed

I’ve tried to keep my own volume low on the events in Charlottesville.  At least until i did some of my own research and quantified a response.

However as both an educator and a producer of media (art, music) that at least a few people seem to listen to, I feel it is a moral responsibility to make a strong statement.

Apologist philosophy, willful ignorance and false equivalency is high on the internet as America attempts to deny its own responsibility in producing this trash.  That only empowers them.

Citing my own experience with those espousing a proud “Southern Heritage” (sometimes in Suburban New Jersey) while simultaneously using the words “Nigger” and “Kike” very freely while expounding upon “White Pride”…  I had a few brawls with neo-nazi Skinheads at underground music venues through out the late 80s and early 90s…  And no, I’m not a ‘tough guy’ .  We didn’t always “win” and I rarely walked away uninjured.   Fortunately never very seriously.  But if there is anything worth fighting for, it is your friend next to you being called a ‘fag’ (for having long hair) or a ‘chink’ ( he was Korean).   I could talk about the ongoing discussions of “Folkish” Paganism in those and the related music communities, and how I’ve warned against turning the blind eye to those folks as ‘just another way to do Heathenism’.   Plus I’ve done my own deep research into aberrant personal and social psychology.  I’ve always been obsessed with monsters.

Don’t bother to ask me to provide additional evidence or research so that you can use up my energy arguing with me.  I’ve done my homework.  Decades worth on all the precipitating media and social factors.  Go do your own.

And furthermore, if your argument is… “These people have the right to their beliefs, etc…” Or that ‘both sides are guilty’.  You haven’t extensively watched footage, read interviews (with both sides) and paid attention to what was being said by the concerned proud patriots that day. Or you are a Nazi enabler/sympathizer.

1) See the article attached about the intimidation attempts on a synagogue in Charlottesville during the march. Watch the videos of para military ‘militia men’ – heavily armed and armored chanting historically lifted Nazi slogans and ethnic and religious slurs against black people and Jews. They weren’t there for peace. They don’t deserve to be left alone and ignored.  They are the American ISIL and Taleban.  Just as they should be fought there.  They should be fought here.   Admit it and deal with it. Confront it vocally or physically. They aren’t here for tea and cake.


2) If you examine their “Unite the Right” poster (First Photo), they don’t mention the statue. They don’t talk about preserving a regional heritage. They are looking to Unite the Right with a nazi style propaganda poster featuring white nationalist speakers. They didn’t give a fuck about any statues.  They are looking to use a latter day icon of suppression and slavery as a rallying point for an eventually genocidal agenda.  They aren’t figurative ‘nazis’ in the cartoon criminal sense. They were literal white nationalist, neo-Nazis.  In their mind if you aren’t with them you are against them.  They are playing on the mythical American Southern Heritage to gain sympathy (this was in fact stated in an interview before the march).   Don’t give them quarter with complacency and non-confrontation.  Don’t buy into liberal guilt.

3) These vaunted statues were largely erected in the 1920s. At the height of suppressing the emerging civil rights movements, the embedding of Jim Crow laws, and the rise of the American Nazi party and rejuvenation of the Klu Klux Klan.  They were put in place to exalt whiteness and denigrate everything else.  We don’t need statues (that even General E Lee’s descendants have said are not necessary to have displayed publicly at this point) or rebel flags in state or taxpayer funded locales. This would be like still flying a Nazi flag over the Reichstag to ‘commemorate the war heroes’.  I believe in the preservation of all history.  Go read a damn book or go to a museum.  You’ll learn more that way than idolizing a statue of a dead general.

On a personal note my opinion is, “The South” lost. Get over it. Join the modern America. Just like ‘rebels’ often tell POC to do with slavery.


4) The second picture is a photo of Latvian Jewish women about to be executed by the Einsatzgruppen (Nazi death squad).  This is one such incident in a vast event known as the Massacre of Leipaja.  This was only one massacre among many all over Europe.   They were next shot, hopefully in the head. But sometimes non fatally in the chest or stomach. Their bodies dumped into a mass grave. In many cases they were forced to bring babies and toddlers who couldn’t be put to work, to also be shot alongside their mothers. Mass graves of single bullet shootings.  One on one murder. Simply because a person was an opposing Clergy/Intellectual, Jew, Gypsy, mentally or physically ‘deficient’, homosexual, or ‘socially aberrant’ by good patriots with guns. This was as or more commonplace than the death camps.

This is the end result of genocidal talk. This is the agenda of the “alt-right”.  This “solution” has been espoused on sites like Breibart, Stormfront and The Stormer.  And has been for years.  This is the end result of unchecked institutional militarization of hateful ideology. This is the end result of normalizing prejudice. This is the end result of allowing armed and armored thugs to yell “Death to Jews” “Blood and Soil” and “Jews Will Not Replace Us” unopposed outside of synagogues (or anywhere else).  To think we should allow this, is to be complicit.

This isn’t free speech. This is armed, dangerous insurrection based on perceived ethnic superiority. There is no middle ground. There is no room for explaining it away as ‘differing politics’. These were neo-Nazis. Organized. Dangerous. If you are not against them, you are a sympathizer.

Warnings, from sociology and history experts, to holocaust survivors about the dangers of demagoguery are well past alarmist stage.   In 1922 The New York Times thought it wasn’t necessary to take Hitler’s anti-semitism very seriously.   This is our warning.

Poster from (White Nationalist site) advertising Unite the Right:

In the Unite the Right’s Own Words.

Summer Solstice 2017

I connect with many people of varied spiritual faiths.  Quite a few questions have been asked of me regarding my own spiritual beliefs.  Quite a few assumptions have been made.  I don’t mind any of them.  Even those that align me with The Great Beast and Adversary.  There are kernels of truth in every tale…

Through out my life I’ve delved into many folk, religious, and spiritual practices.  Sacred and Profane.    I find most religions to be… shadows of some greater reality.  Despite my alliance with the northern pagan spirits, I don’t believe it is all as simple as ‘real and not real’, ‘right and wrong’.  Since I was a small child, I found the light and ‘energies’ (excuse the new-ageism) of solstice and equinox days particularly potent.   I knew those that came before us were onto something with their great monuments and lavish seasonal festivals.

But one thing is real.  The Sun.  And the worship of Her/Him (depending on Pantheon) is perhaps the most ancient.  Indeed the earliest myths.  Mithras, Ra, Helios/Apollo – the Sun was not only deified but in fact Gods (most often) and sometimes Goddesses would take on the mantle of The Sun.  The power of the Sun.  But still recognize their subservience to our star that provides all life.  And ultimately will likely be the death of the earth.

The Summer Solstice.  The longest day.   When the sun is at her apex of power.   But also when at nightfall she dies.  The death cycle of the year commences.  But with that harvest.  Things no longer needed can be released and killed.   But things planted will come to reaping.  And we can gain many rewards as the day’s shadows grow at first imperceptibly, then blatantly longer.

If there is anything to celebrate, it is our closest start, the Earth’s true master.   Celebrate, For Our Lesser Days.

World Development (Language)

I don’t read much modern fantasy.  I don’t find much of it engaging or convincing.  Part of the reason for this that it is all purely derivative.  It is generally derivative of Tolkien, Howard, Moorcock.  Often with an entirely different level of (often unintentional) derivation from pop culture history.  By that I mean the trope of having a “Viking Land”,  “Asian Land”, “Celtic Land” and so on.  This is fine for a quick reference.   It is fine for beer and pretzels role playing.  But it leaves me unsatisfied.

When Tom and I at Golden Dragon Studio began our reworking of our game world and system (moving it away from a tactical modular board game to a full blown RPG), my main concern was developing a convincing and internally logical setting.  I wanted it to be accessible; few people have time to learn a whole new language or set of abstract concepts to play a game.  But I wanted it to be unique.  It was definitely destined to be a low to mid powered fantasy world.  But I didn’t want it to be Greyhawk DXXXII.  Due to my own interests it became closer and closer to a dark ages/dark fantasy world.  Perhaps not as bleak and primitive as Hyperborea.  But definitely not the high powered magic as utilitarian science in say… Forgotten Realms.   Plus it needed some additional element.  Something to… set it apart.

Most now don’t know me as a prolific, published horror author.  But that is where I default to when creatively writing.  So something is going on in this world that is not right.  And the results end up being rather … ghoulish.

I’ve spent much of my time working on the linguistics of the history, dominant culture and geography.   My first versions of the cities and landscapes had a lot of “Wolf’s Gate” and “Ironhold Mountains”.  Not exactly.  But you get the idea.   I felt my first task was to write up the place’s ancient history.  And thus had to establish a naming convention.  The basis is actually a reduction of ancient Greek vocabulary.  With of course the phonetic spellings winning out over the actual Greek lettering. Most of the current continent has gone through about 6,000 years of habitation.  So much like our modern Greek and Latin, names took on influences from regional tribe and cultures.  With the world’s current language taking on both Ukrainian and Armenian characteristics.   In some places early Germanic phrases are thrown in – to reinforce that sense of regionalism.  It gives the entire place a familiar yet slightly exotic feel.   This is just a bit of the map.   We hope to deliver both more visible content and concept art, as well as playtest possibilities later this year.  Did I invent a new language with my own sets of rules?  No.  But is there an indigenous system to create a cohesion and believably?  Yes.  All great settings start with language.  And Mythology.