Summer Solstice 2017

I connect with many people of varied spiritual faiths.  Quite a few questions have been asked of me regarding my own spiritual beliefs.  Quite a few assumptions have been made.  I don’t mind any of them.  Even those that align me with The Great Beast and Adversary.  There are kernels of truth in every tale…

Through out my life I’ve delved into many folk, religious, and spiritual practices.  Sacred and Profane.    I find most religions to be… shadows of some greater reality.  Despite my alliance with the northern pagan spirits, I don’t believe it is all as simple as ‘real and not real’, ‘right and wrong’.  Since I was a small child, I found the light and ‘energies’ (excuse the new-ageism) of solstice and equinox days particularly potent.   I knew those that came before us were onto something with their great monuments and lavish seasonal festivals.

But one thing is real.  The Sun.  And the worship of Her/Him (depending on Pantheon) is perhaps the most ancient.  Indeed the earliest myths.  Mithras, Ra, Helios/Apollo – the Sun was not only deified but in fact Gods (most often) and sometimes Goddesses would take on the mantle of The Sun.  The power of the Sun.  But still recognize their subservience to our star that provides all life.  And ultimately will likely be the death of the earth.

The Summer Solstice.  The longest day.   When the sun is at her apex of power.   But also when at nightfall she dies.  The death cycle of the year commences.  But with that harvest.  Things no longer needed can be released and killed.   But things planted will come to reaping.  And we can gain many rewards as the day’s shadows grow at first imperceptibly, then blatantly longer.

If there is anything to celebrate, it is our closest start, the Earth’s true master.   Celebrate, For Our Lesser Days.

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