In addition to many online editorial and essay contributions (many lost to the drying of virtual creek beds or otherwise swept into the electron murk by the tidal wave devastation of the internet seas)…

1989 Avant Rowan University Literary Magazine: Short Story, Poetry

1990 Weird Tales (Worlds of Fantasy and Horror #1): Poetry

1991 Grave Dance Magazine: Short Story

1992 – 1994 Stock Pot Richard Stockton College Literary Magazine: Essay, Poetry

1994 Dark Realms Magazine: Short Story


Frission Online: Poetry

Poetry Street Corner Magazine: Poetry

The River Poetry Magazine: Poetry

Unlikely Stories Ezine: Poetry

2001 – 2002

Salon Electronic Journal: Commentary, Essay

Dream of Gypsies: Spoken Word Audio Track

If You Love Jesus: Spoken Word Audio Track

Remote Viewing Media Installation: Content

2004 Civilization LP, Aghori Cup Sound Project: Lyrics, Narration

2005 Threads of Formerly Living Things: Movie Script

2005-2007 Asleep By Dawn Magazine: Writer, Interviews, Content Design

2006 Go Dollar$: Instructional Video Script

2008 Liber Nox: Video Installation Content


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