Thanks for reading.

Over the past fifteen years I’ve been known as an artist, professor, photographer, designer and musician.  But longest I have been known as a writer.

I was writing shortly after I could read and despite many other pursuits prose has always been how I most effectively communicate ideas.  Recently I haven’t composed formal, lengthy works; literature as literature is known.  I’ve been working on lyric/spoken word components for performance and various media.  I’ve also written quite a lot of critique, essay, and commentary.  Poetry outside of a performance or recording environment stopped seeming relevant to me around 2001.  But I still write words  rooted in the poetic tradition.

Now it is time to let some tales be told.  Tales that have coalesced out of my own research, reading, and personal exploration.

This site will be updated as regularly as is necessary and feasible.  Feel free to leave feedback.

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